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[PC] Star Wars: Old Republic


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kay its int the right place now lucasarts new game a highly interactive fully voiced mmo (say waaaaa) you heard it right .ive been contemplating getting this in a few weeks ,now its a dedicated server game so lets try to stick toghether if you want in(trailer i got your trailer!!!)

(can you post videos like before ... never mind)
it is mmo so the play stile isint for all but its an amazing game
(need more resasons? you can get a lazer shooting droideka to follow you around xD)
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Been playing this for about 2 weeks now. It is a good game, although I don't plan on paying the monthly fee. I'm playing as a Jedi Knight. Level 25 (max is 50). Only about 1/4th of the way through the characters story, if that. Personally, I would of preferred a KotOR 3 over this, as the original KoTOR is probably my favorite RPG. If I had a better computer, I'd continue playing it after the free 30 days. I definitely reccomend if you're interested in Star Wars.

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