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Winmugen can't recognize "Stagevar"

Asef Hassan Amiz


Winmugen can't recognize "Stagevar"

Hello there everyone,
Recently I started Converting Mugen 1.0 chars into Winmugen Chars.
Well I Successfully converted a few Chars simply by commenting out Stuffs like "AIlevel>0" & "StageVar", using semi-colons " ; "
But there is this Mugen 1.0 char called "Dash olbait" by some unknown Author ( NOT the Official Dash by MyMugen ).
The Problem Converting this guy is this "StageVar" Thing.
when I Run this Char on win ,The Winmugen Error tells me - 

After that I simply Commented out that "StageVar" thing & it kinda worked a bit.
Its like I could Select him in winmugen & use him in a fight,
but Unfortunately winmugen crashes at the end of First Round.
Its like whether I win or lose a battle using this Converted Dash , The Game Crashes at the Start of Round 2 sadly.
I think commenting out StageVar is making it  Crash like that.
In that Case what should I do now ? How do I Solve this crash problem without Commenting out "stageVar" ?
I even Read this Conversion Tutorial - "http://elecbyte.com/mugendocs/upgrading.html"

See the Highlighted Part ?
Their telling to use the StageVar trigger instead of PREVIOUS METHODS , to upgrade a char from win to 1.0.

but i'm Downgrading , then i guess i need this "previous method" Instead.
So what is this "previous method" ? .Can someone Show me this "previous method" for winmugen ?
How do I Stop this Char from Crashing like this ??? Someone please help me.
Thanks in advance

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