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Deadly Commissions



Deadly Commissions

I asked this of another member, but I figured why the hell not ask the community. Im looking for a coder to add two functions to character. A fatality and an Ultra, I will pay a commission if this is what you require. Here is what I propose...

I send you a char, lets say goku and you code in a Kamehameha fatality ala goku vs cell style. Have the words finish him pop up and force the opponent into dizzy state of course. As for the ultra, have triggered the same way it would in a killer instinct char.

If anybody is interested you can either respond here or PM idc.


Quick Answers:

1) No char I send you will be created by me, once you have the char your free to ask pernission to edit the char, however I will not be releasing the char publicly unless both the creator and editor wishes to do so.

2)This commission is simply to bring universal game mechanics to all chars in my compilation.

3) If you have a problem with me having a char edited, get over it, I cant code this shit and their aint no tutorial on coding this shit so fuck it. Dont hate on the next man making a little change on a regular basis's.

4) Their is no exclusivity here. You want to do it, negotiate your fee and ill send you a char.


Finally, look at 8400 slot select screen categories from the IMT blue SP and thats the diversity of a char I may send you. Feel free to request a specific char.


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