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Juggle programation, how could I do that?



Juggle programation, how could I do that?

I have a question! I'm editing a Marco Rodrigues (Kushnood Butt) in SNK version. I put MAX ON it and look great, though, there is something I want to do and I do not know how.

Let's suppose I have his shoryuken, "F, D, DF, punch" and, we also have his dash: "D, DB, B, kick", then I'd like to do: Shoryuken, dash, shoryuken, dash ... But I can not put "juggle = 0" at the beginning of the hit, because if I do that, shoryuken will hit even when the previous attack is not a counter. How can I program this hitdef so that it only works in combos and etc?

I would also like to do this with your projectile, just like Ryo does in KOF XIII, shoryuken, oouken, oouken ... but, again, if I put juggle 0, the magic hits the opponent at any time and I do not want it .

Thanks for reading!


Here a demonstration in video:


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this is not a "juggle" it looks like an infinite in the vid imo :D

but anyway :  i suggest to ask Ace-Million via Facebook since hes a cool guy and recently released a fullgame with a bunch of new mechanics.

one of them was wall-bounce and juggle feature but "only" for 3 hits so u cant create infinites.


good luck :)

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