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Regeneration with life problem.



Regeneration with life problem.

Use this code:Regeneration of life that spends power.



I have a problem with this code and it is that they do not go with some characters does not subtract power or life and I do not know why. And the other characters I have in Winmugen and in Mugen 1.0 some if they go but not all.


At the moment this chars give me error.:


name = "Eirin_RP"
displayname = "Eirin Yagokoro"
versiondate = 11,02,2015
mugenversion = 1.0
author = "RicePigeon"
pal.defaults = 1,2
localcoord = 320,240

versiondate = 6,07,2009
mugenversion = 04,14,2002 
author = "minoo"
pal.defaults = 1,2

name = "Mononobe no Futo"
displayname = "Mononobe no Futo"
versiondate = 12,24,2016
mugenversion = 1.0
author = "Gudine"
pal.defaults = 1,2,3,4
localcoord = 320,240

DisplayName="Sagume Kishin"
versiondate = 1,05,2017
mugenversion = 04,14,2002
author = "minoo"
pal.defaults = 1


name ="Mima_RP"

displayname ="Mima"

versiondate =1/22/2011

mugenversion =1.0

author ="Ricepigeon"

;Original by Barai & Harudi

pal.defaults =1,2,3,4




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