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"Grave Of Igniz" Misty Mercury Stage by sky79

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"Grave Of Igniz" Misty Mercury Stage by sky79





Super Jump: Yes
Animated: Yes
Music: Yes
Suggested Pairing: KOF Misty
Programs used: Gimp, Microsoft Paint, Fighter Factory and Sqirlz water FX.
Special thanks: Xenomic, Derik, P.O.T.S

Self contained, simply place the folder in your 'Stages' folder and enter it in your 'Select file' as-



Once thought destroyed by the Ikari Warriors, the N.E.S.T.S south base is far more then it seems. The attack devastated the upper levers, but deeper, it's unfazed and fully operational. Deep within it's chilled walls are some of the last vestiges of the N.E.S.T.S syndicate. There, old foes and new lay in wait, planning, organizing the return of KOF's greatest threats to life and liberty.

It is here, Misty Mercury will take her revenge, or make her last stand.




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