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Justice League Mugen Intro by manolostyle

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Justice League Mugen Intro by manolostyle




I downloaded the Justice League Animated Series First Season Intro from YouTube and converted it into a Mugen Intro which you can use on a Character or Screen Pack.

I included the mp3 with the famous tune, also ripped from the same YouTube video, but keep in mind that I tried to sync it to the best of my abilities. Although it is off by a few seconds, to me it sounds as good as it should.

I found it very hard to sync the correct timing on the .def file, since you have to sync it per frame and 3 seconds is too slow for the sound, but 2 seconds across the board is too fast. If someone does a better job, please share it with me. Also, please keep in mind that because of Mugen's limitations, the video quality is not as good as the YouTube video, but to me it is acceptable.  :-??

Since this is full motion video capture, the .sff has 1,440 sprites/frames, so keep in mind that when you see the size of the file.  :P

I use it for my Justice League/DC Universe Mugen game and I think it goes very well with either wolviesam's or soccerdeluxe's Justice League Screen Packs.



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