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SVC Chaos Pro


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SVC Chaos Pro

Hey everyone its a new year and i want to kick things off with my 1st full mugen game SVC Chaos Pro.:sugoi: Now before you download I own none of the material shown in the game and all respects to original copyright and authors. (capcom,SNK,etc...) Now since this is my first mugen game, don't expect TOO much. Its more of a small fun little mix of creators and characters plus i kinda have a guilty pleasure with the original game SVC chaos SNK vs Capcom.   

Screenpack author = "Shaggy"

Character author Capcom = "P.O.T.S"

Character author SNK = "duracelleur"

Character author Secret = "AIDUZZI"/"Balthazar & Cybaster"

Youtube link:

the game is in the link below 


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