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Strider Hinjo and Ton Pooh New Year Edited releases

Genderless Child

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Strider Hinjo and Ton Pooh New Year Edited releases


Info: Strider Hinjo:

- Added new voice from Soul Calibur 5, Tekken, Strider Returns and MVC itself.
- Added a new portrait, winning portrait and hyper portrait.
- The default pallete itself plus Hiryu pallete is in too.
- Added taunt sound.

Coming soon:
- MVC hitsparks for punches and kicks.


Info: Ton Pooh:

- New voice (No longer has Chun Li voice)
- Removed the taunt, intro turn and special intros. 
- Added required sprites
- Added a new icon
- A normal portrait and winning portrait.

Coming soon:
- A hyper portrait
- A sound for the second super move when it starts.

Enjoy and happy new year.

P.S: Works also on Mugen 1.0 and Mugen 1.1.

Strider Hinjo: https://www.sendspace.com/file/9ns1jy
Ton Pooh: https://www.sendspace.com/file/dyy3i3

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