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JMAMUGENFanKid1991 Character Soundpack Collection


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This is the video I posted maybe a month ago or some week ago. I'm the one who made the soundpack for "fight" sound of Street Fighter EX3 Female Narrator- feel free to download if on my previous thread, if you want.


I used to make soundpack for character for editing since 2008 till I ragged quit MUGEN since 2009. But now I'm back to it, you will see time to time there will be a video about character being voiced in the video, time to time, you see some videos for Character Soundpack editing..


Just to let you know. I'm not a MUGEN creator, but I'm more than a editor for sound only.



List to do:

Overlord (Transformers) - Japanese (IN PROGESS)

Vile (Megaman X) - English (IN PROGESS)

Sailor Moon (Anime series of Sailor Moon) - English

Zero (Megaman X) - Japanese (in his MVC appearance) / Zero (Megaman X) - English (in his MVC appearance) (COMPLETE)



All Sailor Scout (aka Sailor Senshi, anime series of Sailor Moon) - English

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