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Kung Fu Man Quest [Ver. 1.1] Full Game


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Hello my good friends at MFFA, first of all, I am so glad the temporary crash of the site was lifted. I know it was the hard work of all the great staff, but still, I am thankful for all your hard work. 

Well, I am here today to share the full game that took a lot of time on the make, I even present the WIP here on the forum but due to many stuff that surrounds my life, I stopped giving any type of updates. Anyhow, the game is finally done, the bad thing, is in SPANISH, yes yes I know... but I haven't had anytime to translate due to other projects at hand. For now, it will suffice, hope you like it. 


You can find the game here:

La Calle


PS: I want to give thanks to all the great people that help this adventure reach the releasing point, Duck@ss without his support and char contributions the game would not be as is, it will be kind of shallow and way different, thank you for all your support, hard work and friendship brother. NMario (a.k.a. Shen Long), what can I say, his char (KFM CAPCOM) is the starring KFM in the game, plus he added a lot of chars that made the game so entertaining and eloquent. Thank you brother for all your hard work, friendship and support. There are many other people I would like to thank but they are the ones that kept on pushing me forward. 


As I would like to thank my team, my brothers, my family... Belial, Wodash, Ozzy and Helliori. 

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Damn dude, long time no see. It's me DuckSS, but I changed my name a while ago. I'm kind of not into mugen anymore, but since you showed up, I will actually check out your fullgame.

I also have to say that my kfm edits from 2013/2014 were not my really great work. I say this because I really changed myself in coding mugen stuff and I have released a lot of better stuff in 2015/2016, but I can at least say that I was still a amateur in 2013/2014 :P


Anyways, welcome back my friend :) I'll give you some feedback about the game really soon ;) 

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Double post:




- It seems that you were doing some heavy editing all the time, but you managed to make almost all kfms to have activated ai in any mode of the game. Why you did that anyway? ;-\

- I kind of like the screenpack which you made, but you could some editing with fonts and other stuff on select screen.

- Also, as I mentioned earlier, my characters in the game do have a lot of stuff to be better coded, but you can keep them like that anyway.


I'm not saying that I'm disappointed but everything is just messed up in high quality glitching. The good stuff I found in the game itself are stages, and you did them very well.

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Thank you brother, and I am so glad I found you. I'm sorry to hear that you are gone, but I hope you come back around from time to time, after all, this is just but a hobby. On regards the game, I was satisfied when I run thru the game and  found out that it has no crashes and that it depicts a story that will want you no just beta the S out of Suave Dude, but also want to save the girlfriend and much more. The game has its unique game-play, but at the end, the only thing in my mind was to entertain. I am so glad you like it, beside all the glitches and what not, and that you actually post a comment and a review. Thanks my great friend Duckss, or well, Synck. Thank you for all your support and for your friendship.

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