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Monkey D Luffy by Friaza

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Monkey.D.Luffy uses the gomu gomu powers (rubber rubber fruit) to defeat opponents from mid-range, but after countless battles has also gained the ability to fight without his powers, and use the three types of haki. Busoshoku, Kenbunshoku and Haoshoku. Luffy will dodge using observation haki, use armenant haki magnum attacks when his meters is high and when he sees an opening, will occasionally use haoshoku to knock out opponents with too many openings, or punch them to the sky without using his powers. On top of that, he also has gear 2nd for when the battle gets tough, and gear 3rd when the opponent gives him some space.
Luffy has 8 palettes, mostly from the various arcs, each with their own palettes for cutscenes and gear2nd.


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