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Impact War Kakashi by IMPACTFX2000

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Ninja Naruto


Ninja Naruto




Ninja Naruto


Hello such friends I hope you are fine .. For that is xD today I bring a sorpeesa char , is nothing more nor less than kakashi Kakashi War or Susano'o or whatever you call : and For I have taken about three weeks working on the char and have had good results The Char takes 3 jutsus combos and 7 which are: Kamui Raikiri Odama Kamui ( 2ms ) Space and time control mode Katon Jutsu fireball [Mode awakening } Invoking doton prros ( joke xD ) Doton Jutsu of invocation massive earth walls Raikiri Bestial (León ray ) { Perfect Susano'o } 3 strokes + Kamui Shuriken Well that's all for now, hope you like them and I put all my effort to this full super char, I say goodbye and I leave the gameplay video and download link


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