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Ryu-mugen11 - Wrong portraits



Hey everyone !

Before asking my question, I want to say "Sorry if my English is bad, I'm French ^^''"

I have some problem, I'm a true noob at M.U.G.E.N. coding, so it may sound dumb but I don't understand :

Ryu-mugen11.def is a character which includes different versions of Ryu : Ryu.def, NormalRyu.def, EvilRyu.def and MasterRyu.def.

(You can get it here : http://ansatsukenmugen.webs.com/)

I'm using Mugen 1.1 with a Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha screenpack 

I have no problem in putting them in the select.def file, but something's wrong... they all have the same portrait :


1ggudIY.png OeJiA5I.png




It's strange because Ryu's, EvilRyu's and MasterRyu's portraits are in the "Portraits" folder :




I tried to find something in the .def of each character, I found nothing : /

Is there a way to set the right portrait to each character ? If there is, how do you do ?

Please !


Thank you in advance




xtVVccF.gif ~ Nyaaa X3

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