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K' MvC by Chazzanova, Dampir and totaln00b

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I've been editing characters with cool Capcom sprites into a half-baked VS/MvC series style so they can somewhat keep up with the rest of my MvC style roster.  I'm gonna post them here as I finish them up.

Pretty basic.  I just added chain combos, an super jump, super jump effects, a launcher, and 2-3 button hypers.  I didn't change their run into a dash, I didn't give them an air dash, I didn't change their hitsparks, or change their hyper backgrounds.  Like I said, pretty basic.  I hope it'll save real creators some time if they plan on making their own MVC conversions (and please post them here when you're done! I wanna DL them!). 

Keep in mind, these characters have been patched with the add004 tag system.  They can be unpatched but I'm not sure if that will affect coding or not..

Thanks to all the creators who made these great characters.  My work is trivial and nothing without their enormous work.  If you'd like me to remove your character, just ask and I will happily oblige.

Also, I'd like to thank Memo, Cyanide, Just No Point, and Gnux for taking the time to answer my annoying-ass questions on the dev board.  I really appreciate it.  :nuttrox:

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