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How to Derive an Attack Move a "char" from it's Animation in Fighter Factory

Asef Hassan Amiz

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My Greetings Everyone,

Well I love Altering the Movelist of my "Char"s to make it more intersesting, but i am stuck at a point & so I need a little help in Using the Fighter Factory

Well Usually changing the Movelist is very Easy, I just change the Command Button combination into my custom chosen button combination inside the "CMD extentsion" File of the character. But there are some characters which have Some UNIQUE Moves which I couldnt Find or Recognize in their CMD File.

So I was thinking, the Fighter Factory Can Definitely do the Trick, By Using the Fighter Factory I will be Able detect the Animation of that Unique Move & From there I might Find out the Name of that Move so that THEN I can Change its Combination in the ".CMD" File.

But i dont know how to do that & I need to learn doing that Using the Fighter Factory So Here is my Real Question -

" How Can I Find out the ID & Name of an Attack Move of a Mugen character from it's Animation Frames in Fighter Factory " Can Anyone Please tell me How to do that ?

Please Help & Thanks Everyone

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