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A hitdef isn't damaging the opponent..



So the hitdef for some reason won't damage the opponents as well as it not being considered a combo to MUGEN's combo detector system. The problem is from the P2STATENO I have used. Any way to work around this? I just want p2stateno hitdefs to count as combos and take damage. If hitdefs with P2statenos do count as one to the combo system and takes damage, then  I probably done goofed. So here's the Hitdef block.



[State 440, Hitdef]
type = HitDef
trigger1 = Time = 0
attr = S, NA
damage = 63, 0
animtype = Medium
guardflag = MA
hitflag = MAF
priority = 3, Hit
pausetime = 1,1
sparkno = S8001
guard.sparkno = s8010
sparkxy = -10, -76
hitsound = s1, 3
guardsound = s1, 5
ground.type = High
air.type = High
ground.slidetime = 5
ground.velocity = 0
air.velocity = 0,0
ground.hittime  = 274
air.hittime = 276
airguard.velocity = -1.9,-.8
ground.cornerpush.veloff = 0
air.cornerpush.veloff = 0
down.cornerpush.veloff = 0
guard.cornerpush.veloff = 0
airguard.cornerpush.veloff = 0
fall = 1
;getpower = 0,0
p2stateno = 641



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There are hitboxes to the anim, yes. And the movetype is A. 

Oh.. Nevermind. Restarting Fighter Factory seemed to solve my issue. Both RPG Maker MV (Plugins) and Fighter Factory (That temporary character FF uses when you playtest?) are having issues where they won't update themselves. 

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