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Sprites archive thread


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(I don't know where to post this thread, please move it if it's not in the right section)

I made this thread to archive a couple of rare/good sprites. Feel free to show sprites here.

Anyways, here's some custom sprites made by a guy named SetGent on DeviantArt. He was going to deactivate his account soon, so I figured out that I should put his works here so it won't disappear in vain...

sfv_chun_li_by_setgent-da3dc0q.pngChun-Li SFV (Battle Costume)

leona_heidern__xiv_costume__by_setgent-dLeona Heidern XIV 

kylo_ren___fire_emblem_style_by_setgent- Kylo Ren (Fire Emblem style)

thumbs_up_yuri___by_setgent-d9zdisf.pngYuri "thumbs up!" (Based on KOF 2000 artwork)

mai_shiranui__xiv_costume__by_setgent-da Mai Shiranui XIV

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