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Some Low-Resolution Stages dont appear with Characters in Winmugen

Asef Hassan Amiz

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Hi everyone, well I recently downloaded some new Stages for my Winmugen plus,

the Stages are Low-resolution & for Winmugen, and it also appears in the Select Stage in Versus & Watch Modes.

But the Only Main Problem is that it never appears along with a Character,

what i'm trying to mean is, I assign my Stages with a specific character for different orders, and all the other stages appear with their assigned stages ( & music too)

But these New Stages doesnt appear with its Assigned character, and infact they even remove those characters from appearing in the Arcade (or Simul ,Team up , Survival, etc)

For Example, I assigned the New Stage with "iori" in order=2 (2nd Order) in the Select.def , and the Result is - Order 2 is SKIPPED by itself, and the Game directly jumps to Order 3 from order 1.

I really Wished that i could challenge my Boss Characters in order 7 or 8 with those Awsome Stages, but my Mugen Skips those Battles by itself unfortunately

Here is the List of Stages which i Downloaded but doesn't appear in my Winmugen -

"Dragons Liar - by Matter mugen" , "Aquarium of NESTS" , " STAGE SPACE " Reunion of Spirits " & many others.

Note - They Still Appear in Watch/Versus Modes, but not with the Assigned characters

So Can Anyone Help me fix this Problem ? I would really Appreciate for any sort of support or advice.

Please Help & Thank you Everyone





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The problem is the filename of the stages have a space in them. If the name off the stage has a space in it it will be skipped over when in arcade mode.

what you have in your select.def probably looks something like this....

kfm, stages\Dragons Liar - by Matter mugen.def, order=1
ryu, stages\Aquarium of NESTS.def, order=2
ken, stages\ STAGE SPACE.def, order=3
kyo, stages\Reunion of Spirits.def, order=4

You need to edit the name of the stages .def files to something without any spaces, and then edit the select.def accordingly. When you are done it should look something like this.

kfm, stages\Dragons_Liar-by_Matter_mugen.def, order=1
ryu, stages\Aquarium_of_NESTS.def, order=2
ken, stages\ STAGESPACE.def, order=3
kyo, stages\Reunion_of_Spirits.def, order=4

Now the stages will show up in arcade mode with the assigned characters.

Thanks Everyone

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