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Ougon Musou Kyoku: Virgilia release(Mugen1.1)[updated on 2016-3-6]


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Sorry for my poor English
This is Virgilia from Ougon Musou Kyoku.
I made this character using the sprite of Borewood's Custom OMK Virgilia.
Different from borewood's one, I try to make the character's performance closer to the original game(the 2.31 version).
The character can only run on Mugen 1.1 and dose not have an AI yet.


[updated on 2016-3-6]

visual effect enhancement
adjusting sound effect
adding princess mode
adding more options
bug fixing
reduce redundant codes and helper states









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8 hours ago, Eiton said:

Thanks for the reminder, I am the first time using this forum.


Your welcome. :-)


Now you image is not displaying on your post so you need to upload you screenshot on one of these sites:




..I going to try your character out.  if your not able to display a screenshot then one of us in MFFA will do it for you. :goodmood:


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[topic bump]


Awesome screenshots :awesome


I havn't got a chance to try her out yet. (I have to do real-life work sorry :-(  )  but when I do i try to leave some feedback.


I know others folks in MFFA will try your character and give you some feedback. :goodmood:

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