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[SNES] Super Nintendo Emulation / Netplay Thread


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The Super Nintendo, man were you the best of your time. So of course there's gotta be emulation of this console. EVERYTHING that has ever hit this console has been emulated successful in multiple languages to the point that even Famicom games and Hacks were made well! This emulation also supports netplay, so you can play with a buddy online if you want.

To emulation the SNES, you need:

A decent computer

an emulator(s) of your choice

Some of ROMs of the games you wish to play

Simple. Open, set up controls, pick a game and enjoy. Easy, no?

There are a good number of emulators for the SNES, but two are recommended.

ZSNES 1.42: The very best emulator the internet has to give when it comes to the SNES. It can run any game at the speed it was meant to go, as well as to save your state WHENEVER YOU WISH. Only fault is that the most recent version lost its netplay feature, so you have to use Zbattle.net if you want a friend to play with

: Not as good as ZSNES, but for Macintosh users, this'll be your best friend.

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