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[PC] Guilty Gear X2 Reload with GOOD Netplay


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I am NOT reviewing this again. But I will say, that this is a good game to play on your pc if you dont feel like using emulation. It's not even a gig large. Sounds like a deal to me.


How to use Netplay

For the idiots who don't wanna experiment and find out on their own.

Alright, ya morons, listen up.

See this link?


-Follow it and download GGXXNETv120-2 and GGXXNETv120-3

- Open the .rar files 120-2 and 120-3 IN THAT ORDER into the same directory that your game is in, because you need to replace a file for the ggx lobby file.

- Use whatever program that use use to run japanese programming [if you dont, get applocale] and run the program ggxxnet_patcher.exe it will patch it immediately.

-Now start your game and go to the options menu, then game options

-See the option "Shortcut?" Turn that on

-Close the game.

-Start and check your game, you should something like this as your main menu

Posted Image

If you don't see that, ya f__ked up.

- Next open up your ggxxnet_config.exe, and start making obvious changes, like I dunno:

Your name

the port your using [which HAS to be open]

the match settings if you host

and the urls that you'll be using as a server. Most of the other members and myself use


In the end, you should look something like this

Posted Image

Also, yes, you can mess your character palettes and make them unique. Just don't make them a pain to look at.

-Okay next, you go to ggxnet.ini

This should tell you what to do just fine

Posted Image

-After all of that's done. Start your game and select vs net. You should see something like this if you did it right

Posted Image

If you DO see something like that and with people: Congratulations! You can now put your skills to the ultimate test!

If you DON'T see something like this: You messed up somewhere, try again


If you want the game with english and netplay patches, pm me.


However, you CAN translate the config program for the game.

Games played by the members here so far


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