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[PC] Rumble Fighter


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Yes Rumble Fighter the online punch stuff till u die game ahh the beauty of punching shit

anyways on to the point why should you play it? if you like fighting games you'll love it hate it and like it


the game in my opinion is fun and addicting however i won't lie the game can get annoying trying to earn money however hackers have gone down and now you can see who lags or not by looking at the network bar however if it says red it does not always mean they lag it could be first load but a real big problem is earning money because a lot of good items cost carats but it's hard to earn money also because a lot of items cost about 10k carats and u get 30-300 a match alot of ppl turn to astros so it can be and can be a pain in the ass


the gameplay is nice almost as fluid as dfo pvp however the pvp is alot less annoying because rf is not beat em up so enemies above u do not hit you unless they are on line with you understand? combos work fine


the game is completely in 3d so ur gonna have to be able to run a 3d game on ur pc but since all of you probably do that anyway no big deal right?


i kinda like the music the music matches each stage perfectly in my opinion but alot of ppl don't listen to the bgm they instead listen to their fav music


Overview 7/10

Gameplay 8/10

graphics 8/10

sound 7-9/10


Old rf and rf interface

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