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[PC] Megaman X8


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Ok so after some misunderstood circumstances the post was removed but now that everyone is all clear im reposting Have Fun!



Password :-



Instructions :-

The Link Will Take You To My Own File Sharing Web Page. There Are Three Files. Download All Three. The Sizes Are. :-

1. 98 MB.

2. 97.?MB.

3. 602.?? KB.

? Means I Forgot The Size After The Point.

Now, If You Click A File, It Will Ask For A Password. All Three Files Will Ask For A Password. After Entering The Password, Click Unlock. You Will Get A Message - " Processing Your Download Request " Then Will Automatically Change To " Click Here To Download ". Clicking On It Will Start Your Download.

After Downloading All Three Files, You Would Get These Files. :-

1. Free-File-Splitter- V.5.0.1189

2. MMX8.7z.Chunk001

3. MMX8.7z.Chunk002

Now, Save The Files " 2 " And " 3 " In A Folder. Now Open " 1 ". This Is A Program. On Top, There Will Be Two Tabs, Split Files And Join Files. Go To Join Files. Choose " Source Chunk " As " 2 " And " Destination File " As Desktop. Now, Click On " Join ". After The Join Process Is Complete, There Would Be A Rar File On The Desktop. Open It With WinRar. Extract It To Any Folder You Like. After Extracting The File, You Will Get A Folder Called " MMX8 ". This Is Your Game Folder. You Don't Need To Install The Game. There's A Folder Named " MegaMan X8 Trainers " In It. Inside The Folder, You Will Find Two Files. The First File Is The Cheating Trainer. It Can Help You Cheat In The Game. And Wait, There's One More Thing Left. Inside The MMX 8 Folder, You Will Find " SetupREG ". Open It And Click Install. Now, You Are Done With Installing The Game.

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