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Patch for WlanmaniaXs Blue Aaradvark


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Ahem I'm sure you guys need no introduction on this this should fix a lot of the problems that were present in the original Blue Aaradvark.


download- http://www.mediafire...bx2jh510d0713u1

Problems fixed-

- special moves and hypers now work properly rather then not working at all

-better comboing ability

-tweaks done on misc moves to make them less buggy

- Ant helper and projectiles are hittable now

-some hitboxes and animations redone

-movelist as Wlan didn't make a readme

-Pinapple throw - D,DF,F light or medium punch, for EX version use hard punch

-Hurricane kick - D,DB,B any kick

-Flying Kick - F,F (in air only)


Race car ehh thing-D,DF,F x+y (uses 1 super bar)

Some rage attack- D,DB,B y+z (uses 2 super bars)

Super Hurricane kick- D,DB,B, a+b (uses 2 super bars)

Well I hope you like the patch, if you don't well I can't say I blame you.

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