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Samurai Shodown Edits

White Ranger


Just a trio of edits I've been looking for:

Shin Aku-Amakusa by Kusare-Miyabi

Shin Rimururu by Cerenas

Shinobi by Pirata Cibernetico & Ultraman

Shin Aku-Amakusa looks exactly the same as Aku-Amakusa, I actually found Kusare's website but the page that was meant to have the the character is down.

Shin Rimururu looks the same as Rimururu, that's all I know.

As for Shinobi, he is an edit of Hattori Hanzou, again that's all I know


One more thing, I hope I'm not abusing the request station, or getting on anyone's nerves but I apologize if I am.

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