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Voice Patch for Randy by Alexei


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This is my first time releasing something on MFFA.
No idea if this goes here, but anyways...
This is a voice patch for Alexei's Randy.  It gives him his voice from his original game "Guardian Heroes".

In order for this voice patch to be used...

  • You must overwrite the snd file
  • You must modify the -3 statedef

You can get Randy on Alexei's site.

Further instructions are inside PATCH.txt



;Thanks and Credits to:


;- "RicePigeon" for open source code and reference code.


;- "Alexei" for creating Randy from Guardian Heroes.


;- "NeoKamek" for indirectly getting me into coding.


;- "Treasure" for creating Guardian Heroes.


;- "Microsoft" for letting me know Guardian Heroes existed.


;- "Splode" for obtaining Randy's voices.

Mediafire Download



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