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[Multi-Gen] Pokemon's Ability Discussion


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I think is about time for some of us to discuss about pokemon abilities (Both Common and Hidden) So let begin:


Now one of these abilities that i starting to learn about is 'Contrary':

Effect info: "Moves used on the pokemon that raises stats lowers stats, while moves that lower stats raises stats"

Pokemon that can have this ability: Inkay, Malamar, Shuckle, Spinda, Snivy, Servine, Serperior

My opinion:


This ability can be good if you have pokemon learn moves that has a negative effect on them after used like 'Super-Power' which lowers Attack and Def.but with 'Contrary' ability it can gain boost on Attack and Def. that give it more advantage in battle which the pokemon Malamar can benefit this since its rely on more on its Physical Attacks plus have more Physical Defence against pokemon (mostly fighting-types) with high Attack power. 

Serperior with this ability can become a very offensive if it knows moves like 'Leaf storm' as it gains great boost in Sp.At while hittng the pokemon Hard

This ability also protects pokemon from stat lowering moves and abilities like 'intimidate' Flash, leer, sand-attack, Sticky-web, string-shot. Also sometimes gains stats after getting hit with moves like Electric-web, Icy-wind, Psychic, Moonblast. With that in mind the pokemon Shuckle can benefit this protection as well it can be more defensive using the move 'Shell smash' as it gains more defenses to keep it longer in battle if it has this type of move set: Rest, toxic, infestation, and Shell smash + holding Leftovers.



Unfortunately this ability can reverse stats-boost moves  like Sword dance meaning its not recommended for pokemon like Serperior to learn it as well as the move Coil. Plus if the pokemon that used the moves Swagger and Flatter on a pokemon with 'Contrary' ability it will drastically lower the pokemon attack-stats and still cause it to be confused (which is a double whammy)


Pokemon not recommended with this ability: Spinda

Spinda cannot benefit from this ability since it dosn't learn alot of attack/self-stat reducing moves. However if it has a move set that includes 'Skill-Swap'+'Swagger' then it can be good against pokemon using stat boosting moves/abilities  and still cause it to be confuse but with little effect to it if that pokemon does critical-hit/ OHKO on Spinda.


Other notes:

As you can see not many pokemon can learn this ability. But if you can imagine pokemon Like Lucario that have Contrary Ability moves like 'Close combat' can benefit it not only cause massive damage but it gains Phy. and Sp.Defence which Lucario can benefit this.




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