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Dynamo (Megaman X5)


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New Release

1.0 Only

X = Light Punch (X, X = Classic Left, Right)
Y = Strong Punch (Push Enemy Back)
Z = D-Buster
A = Light Kick (Y+Y = Low, High Kick)
B = Strong Kick (Knockdown)
C = D-Blade (C, C do a blade combo)
X During Dash = Dash Punch
F, Y or Z = Throw
D,DF,F,X = Alternate Dash Punch (come Close to Enemy)
C during Dash = Dashing Blade (Blade combo starter)
D,DF,F,C = Shield Blade (do Damage, Stops attacks and Projectiles)
X = Light punch
Y = Uppercut
Z = D-Buster
A = Low Kick
B = Ground Pound (Kockdown)
C = Boomerang Blade (Can't Move or attack during it but can recive damage, throw, etc the boomerang auto turn back when get a hit)
X = Light Punch
Y = Medium Punch
Z = D-Buster
A = Light Kick
B = Medium Kick
C = D-Blade
D+Z = D-Buster (come Down and Turn into 2 projectiles)
F+C = D-Blade (alt)
Special Moves
A+B = Super 1 (Hit the Ground and Raises Energy Waves in Full Screen)
B+Y = Super 2 (Only in Air) Shots up and start a Projectile Storm, Dynamo can't shot during this move)
C+Z = Super 3 (Throw many boomerangs in random directions, when then stop, they moves forward or backward crossing the scenario normal boomerangs condition applied but Dynamo is free to move and attack)


"Please make a MIRROR I don't like to regiser..."

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