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Nijikaku/虹裏格闘ゲーム: Characters Collection


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Not at all! I love searching up these characters and seeing what randomness comes up.


He has many different special sprites.

4ibaUXs.png An unused tank hyper. WcND7zf.png One of Syu's specials, it's a reference to a cereal, not sure what it's called.


PutJ8p9.png This realistic sprite is used when Syu turns around.SyTFPSh.png His Dragon Quest Sprite, his dinosaur buddy's there too.

wkXtPz5.png His Ojousama sprite, she manufactures Syu into a wagon.

3z8Hobw.png This is an 80 sprite, used when Spingel does a certain special, which turns characters into alternate versions of themselves, like the Midnight Bliss.


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There's an entire blog dedicated to him:https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fmerutta.blog110.fc2.com%2F

Ojousama manufactures Meru into a toilet:eaijtgM.png And his 80 sprite is Arale from Dr. Slump: VEeguNO.png

As for Kabegami, he's related to the Vista-tans and Windows Vista, can't find his origins though.

It's difficult because of his name: JP:壁神 ENG:Wall God

This picture is used when Munch uses his portrait special: WUBZN7o.pngAnd Runa turns Kabe into a taller version of himself:bWYnk1w.png

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It's real easy: qiB93sF.png finish it off with C, it's the last special.

7-heroes:http://blog.livedoor.jp/glintbooster/archives/43515815.html You can see his stage, 7eiyuu in the koma.

His 80 sprite is a cartoony version of himself: Xr1jWGC.png


UrhlHPY.png Neyufuelle & Ryuuou-tan can put other characters in a sleep state, this is Hanji's sprite for that state.

GhPQEEv.png This sprite is in group 5450 but I'm not sure which character does this though.


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Look in the options, it's where C is mapped on your keyboard.

Spingel's moveset: HWUfm6P.png it's the lvl2 special with B at the end.


ZIJsbfP.pngOjousama manufactures him into an ice cream maker. Pengin's 80 sprite is a cartoon version of himself: dIHpduh.png

I can't find Nattou's as his name is the same name as a food.

Harapagos Level 3 special ends with the character's hurt sprite, but some Niji characters have a sprite that appears in a basket at the end of Harpagos special, here's Nattou's: fWN7WQt.png


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Welcome to the forums Takobue, these are the latest files to the Nijikaku game, thanks to Phantom Blood:





ng7773 & ng7787


Well, Hato was one of the 1st ones I found out about, he even has some popularity over here in the West, I'd love to try one of those cookies someday:http://www.thejapanguy.com/kamakura-japan-dove-cookies-hato-sabure-鳩サブレー/

Now, today is Nichiyoubi (Sunday). I'm sure Getsuyoubi/月曜日 kanji format is an original character as his name means Monday in English and can also be translated as moon day, which is why the moon appears in his specials: q0XnPVZ.png 

月 - Kanji for moon.

曜 - Kanji for weekday,日 - Kanji for day. Getsu's kanji format appears in one of his intros, special moves, winquote portrait and as a block sprite: 1bMjuEl.png he has many different block sprites and a counter as well. He was created around version 35.

The colorful characters that appear in his winpose are the other days of the week.In Mugen, he's spelled out in hiragana: げつようび the actual form of Getsuyoubi's sprites. I just find him fascinating, simply because of what he is, a humanoid hiragana. When I 1st saw this char, I was speechless, I didn't expect this game to have so much uniqueness, honestly.

There's an electrified sprite of him: w06erlM.png and one in a school outfit: rmluJTR.png



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None of these characters have special sprites. Floren is a mutated Moomin, a creature from a Swedish cartoon. Interestingly, the mysterious woman, Suu created her, Floren prays with Suu and comes up in full moons. So Floren is a fancharacter.

Mako is a parody of the rich girl motif, I don't think it's any specific character, and this site has random tidbits about her:https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fkoto.seesaa.net%2Farticle%2F948571.html

Mayko is an original 2ch char, or Nijiura character. Her name is half in English: May子, so I can't find her origins, even with he actual translation:子がありbut in Kazumi's image archive: http://kazumi386.org/~nijigen/_souko_old/ this is the 1st picture of her that was

posted: jFJ1uzb.png

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