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Sekirei's Iori Yagami config help



Hey guys, for anyone who has this version of Iori Yagami by sekirei, do you know how to make it so I only choose Iori or Orochi Iori regardless if I press punch or kick. As it stands now all punch buttons choose Iori and all kicks choose Yagami. I'd like to access them as separate characters. Also, sometimes his characters go into training mode during watch mode, do you know how to turn this off as well?

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you should use advanced editor like notepad++ ,sublime text, etc

find any palno=

the value should be like 1,2,3 or 4,5,6

in his coding file


duplicate any file contain palno

duplicate the def file and link it to the new file contain palno

rename def file orochi-iori

replace all palno value with palno=[1,12]; for orochi mode

repalce all palno value with palno!=[1,12];for normal mode only

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It worked perfectly! Thanks a lot. The only thing now is to stop his Saisyu and Athena from entering training while in watch mode. I looked through the config using notepad ++ but I can't identify it.

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