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Nijiurasou at Night


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 New link,Preview:


The girl in the background is Shiiko Yuzuki by Rekku, an amazing char. Here's Rozwel by Elecbyte and Kenshi by Pre-to, she's an awesome edit of Tenshi with 2 swords.


Comment: My favorite stage from Nijikaku, I always do Survivals here mainly and always liked this stage for it's realistic look and the characters in it, the originals were odd so I changed a lot of sprites.

It has some animations and is very quaint, simple and it also comes with an obscure song that I've liked a lot.


BGM: エレクトロ仕立て-Electro Talioring


Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/pyxpmj2v5ye8m6i/Nijiurasou_at_Night.rar

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