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Rockula is an earth type Kula edit, originally made by a guy named German. I liked the concept, the sprites, but I don't liked everything else. That's why I made my own version. :)
The changes:
- New AI
- New sprites, animations, and palettes.
- New intros and winstates
- New attacks and hyper combos
- New sounds and voice (because I don't liked the original)
- Shattering (if the enemy lose, when it's petrified)
- SFF1 is converted into SFF2
- Combo Counter
- Sexy KO
- Victory quotes
- 12P boss mode
- Old low-res effects are removed
- Unused effects are removed.
- Corner Push method added
- Prevent Undergound method added
- Many minor fixes
Compatible: 1.0 and above
Ratio: 4:3 (default) and 16:9 (use the patch in the separated folder)
Sexy KO: Supported (but not default)
Ryona: Not
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