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Shadow Lord's Soundpatches


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Marvel Ultimate Alliance soundpatch for Spider-Man (Seth Z)
Marvel Heroes Soundpatch for Moon Knight
(this video was made before I completed the soundpatch) Thank you Candido159 for the video
UMVC3 Soundpatch for the Hawkeye Speedy edit
Injustice Soundpatch for Flash (Sic-1)
Injustice Soundpatch for Deathstroke (classic by Chuchoryu) (this was meant for a previous update but it still works)
Injustice Soundpatch for Nightwing 2.0 (Iron Angelus(sorry if I spelled it wrong I couldn't remeber how to spell it right away) Mu & Mcreedy)
MVC3 Soundpatch for Magneto (ZVitor)
Injustice soundpatch for Superman New 52
Custom soundpatch for War Machine (One Winged Angel)
These might sound familiar because it's Zvitor's John Stewart voice with a filter on it
Injustice soundpatch for John Stewart (Zvitor)
Marvel Heroes soundpatch for Captain America (Bucky Barnes)
MVC3 soundpatch for Magneto (Aa250)
Injustice soundpatch for Lobo
mediafire.com download/eron7sbrxy9qrg4/Lobo.snd
Under the Red Hood soundpatch for Jason Todd
mediafire.com download/au3ha72qjsam23t/Template.snd
Injustice soundpatch for Aquaman (ZVitor)
mediafire.com download/0676pd0dnu87l3a/DCTemplate.snd
I take requests as long as you provide me with sounds or tell me what sounds to use. (but not at the moment I'll let you guys know when)
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