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Think by Man/Woman from Nijikaku, Back Beard too



Does anyone have "Think" from Nijikaku (by Man or Woman, not sure which, or what the difference is)? I've been looking all over for this char, but all links are dead. I don't currently have the room to dl the entire Nijikaku game on this comp, or I wouldn't bother you guys. For some reason I'm dying for this character in my mugen game.


Also, if anyone has "Back Beard" (I'm a huge Lovecraft nut, I know the characters not really well made, but I just like the look of it). Any other weird and interesting characters from Nijikaku are welcome as well! Thank you!

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Here, I have them in my roster and it's nice to see someone adding these chars from my favorite fullgame, they are all there in one package, including:
Back Beard: He was updated, and has some new attacks, and  intro.  His effects and new spells look pretty clear so, he's more well made than his previous version. Trivia : Aside from being in mugen as a boss char, BB is a yokai who originates from the GeGeGe no Kitaro manga series.
Think: This unique fan character who's based upon my favorite Rozen Maiden, Shinku, is also one of my favorite chars and it's nice that you're adding her to your roster.
There are three other characters from Nijikaku who are just plain awesome and I recommend them for everyone, they are...
98-Balkan: A cool and creative character who's serves as a mascot for my old favorite windows OS, Windows 98, his AI is fast and aggressive and has a lot of powerful, yet epic supers.
Visbou: An Os-Tan for Windows Vista who's this epic ninja girl with Excellent AI, and fast attacks. I'd honestly say that she's one of the best Mugen characters whom everyone should have.
But the coolest character from Nijikaku is..
Itai-san: My absolute favorite Nijiura Maid and a great char, she has a wide variety of physical and magical attacks, some of the most epic supers in the game and her Al can do some amazing combos. 
I hope you enjoy these characters and I've patched them up with a fixed Common1.cns file, so they should all be working properly.
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