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hi there ! :awesome


i would like to make a game but i have to select guys that i want to arrange with "styles" big guys / karate / wrestlers etc etc... is there a way we can get such folders as subfolders in the CHARS folder? like that:

folder chars-


folder "big guys" 





thanx in advance for your answers  :)

EmSiAn  :goodmood:

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don't know if you mean something like this but i have my main roster like this


ryu/ryu.def -------> ryu is located in the main "chars" folder where i kept my old win an dos era characters

charsnew/Captain kiddo/Captain kiddo.def -------->  for some new 1.0 characters also located in the main "chars" folder

charsnew2/yuka/yuka.def --------> other folder with characters in the main "chars" folder


so is totally possible to do, if is this what you want anyways :D

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