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[Gen6] Theorymon Discussion: Hold Items with New effects


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An idea Topic that was bought about by Rice that came from "Five Items" Meta game from Smogon: http://www.smogon.co...n-aqua.3525428/


(discussion about it is here: )



What if these Hold items held by pokemon use in battle has new effects then the original effects?


Simple rules:

- Info the old(original) effect and apply your own New Effect theory to the item.

- Explain how the new effects apply to pokemon in battle.


You can get some info about the hold items here: http://www.serebii.net/itemdex/




here is some examples to start it off:


I was thinking if items like these can be Change:


lifeorb.pngLife Orb

Old effect: "When this item is held by a Pokémon, the damage from the moves used by the holder is increased by 30%. The holder loses 10% of their maximum HP each turn."

New effect (my theory): It boost the power of moves by 30%, but at the cost of triple the PP (power points)

- In other words if you have pokemon that has nothing but strong attacks that dosn't have alot of PP (ex: blizzard: 5pp) it will go out quickly also leads to "Struggle" that cost 1/4 of the pokemon's HP. its still has the effect on boosting attack power, however since it does not take damage to the holder this item will not be effected by abilities like 'Magic Guard' or 'Sheer Force'


flameorb.pngFlame Orb

Old effect: "When this item is held by a Pokémon, at the end of every turn, if the holder is not Burned it becomes Burned.."

New effect (my theory) : If this item is held by a Fire-type pokemon it recovers 1/6 of the pokemon's HP + boost fire moves by 10%. Other pokemon types will get burned if held.

- Just Like the item 'Black-sludge' except its benefits fire-types also gives a little boost in fire-type attacks .



destinyknot.pngDestiny Knot

Old effect: "When this item is held by a Pokémon, if the holder becomes Infatuated, the Pokémon it is attracted to also becomes Infatuated."

New effect(My theory): If this item is held by a pokemon and is the opposite gender of its opponent that OHKO it in battle that pokemon also gets KO'd. This does not effect genderless pokemon.

- Tricky but kind of like the opposite of "focus Slash" except the pokemon has to be the opposite gender for this to work. Giving the effect from the move "Destiny Bond'

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