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Blue Beetle - Jaime Reyes by Blagoy, Pilgrim & Chimoru RELEASED

Firelord Kursan

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Quote from Chimoru:





 :clap: ===================CREDITS & THANKS=================== :clap:

A few words from Chimoru:


Deanjo for creating the concept for this project
Blagoy for continuing that concept, laying down the foundation, and releasing sprites open source.
Pilgrim for his contribution of sprites and coding.

I hope Blue Beetle is a fun and enjoyable character for you to play with.  
I appreciate and enjoy the work that everyone else does and it's nice to finally give a little back
to the MUGEN Community that I love so much!  
I hope every had a Merry Christmas and also has a Happy New Year!

=================== :star: DOWNLOAD HERE! :star: ===================

=================== :star: NOTICE! :star: ===================
COLOSSE has done an amazing AI update as an ALTERNATE choice! So Thank You to him!!  
The character has two sets of AI, so his patch will be given in a separate folder for swapping.  
Please enjoy both!

A feedback would be appreciated. Tell me what you know, then i'll inform him. I already gave a few feedbacks, so i need more feedbacks from you. Thank you.

Reference: http://mugenmultiverse.fanbb.net/t5040-blue-beetle-jaime-reyes-by-blagoy-pilgrim-chimoru-released

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