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[UPDATED 8/4/2013] Suigetsu's Stage


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As I go through my stages and start implementing full-game features into them, I'm fixing what's wrong with them and making them look better. The first subject is Suigetsu's Stage. Enjoy the new look. :)

Here's what's changed:

[-] Reduced the scale of the stage to 1,1 from 1.5,1.145

[-] Color corrected the entire to stage to give it more contrast and depth.

[+] Added a dark, murky tint over the stage.

[o] Re-created a better looking fog effect.

[o] Adjusted the bounds and cleaned up extraneous comments in the code.

[o] Removed timed shatter from the BGM and the stage itself.

[o] Adjusted the deltas.

Hey Guys,

Here's my take on Suigetsu's Stage. It's got timed breaking for the tubes on either sides of the stage that are also synced up with the sounds that are embedded in to the stage's music.

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