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K' Dash [Shin D Yagami]

ShiniGami NoMeresu

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name = "K' Dash"
author = "K.O.D"

edited by = Shin D Yagami



-Added Dodge cancel
-Changed the color palettes
Added style kick-XI (XI Side Sniper statedef 821)
-Added new EX moves (statedef 88001/88005)
-Removed the sequence of strokes
-Changed the positions of the posters (Out of place)
-Updated the menu command
-Changed background HSDM
-Modified movement speeds

modify what the spark and sound state 3200/3100
Added effect-Dodge
-Modified effect shock sequence
EX-Added move

[Changes / Modifications]

-Changed the palfx the effects of fire for a few more colorful.
-8 New color palettes
-Added and changed the afterimage
-Changed the afterimage
-Changed the sparks and sounds from the KOF XIII


-Pausa/Lista Command during the round
-Dream/Super cancel
-First Attack
-Intro screen
-Intro to lose / win Round 2
HSDM custom-background
-Dodge efect
System-missing during the HSDM LB, intros and winners




Quote " Well, this is the second update of K´ (K´Dash). Add you 2 new ex moves and a new SDM, as well as modify other things"





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