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Asura by Dragon

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Dragon's Blog : http://caraibandragonfury.over-blog.com/ (You can get the full game here)



This Asura was a part of the new characters from the mugen full game Ultra Street Fighter 4 version 3.0. I'm pretty sure some may want to try him but doesn't want to download the whole full game so I upload him separately for you guys. It's quite fun, he has all move from the DLC episode where he fight with Ryu and Akuma in the SF4 style.

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First that Cathy Wild beta, now Asura... great time to back here!


Now i'll wait for the moment when Dragon's Asura clashes against Full-bore Wood's Custom SFIV Asura :)


Thanks for the link, Oh, and can you please upload juli also in a single link?



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Thanks for the link, Oh, and can you please upload juli also in a single link?


Well first of, I think you meant Juni instead of Juli as the one displayed on the promo image for the new SFIV version is her as you can see.


Secondly,  even though I'm not Sham, here's your link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/9wovdhq8vzvzqfo/SFIV_Juni.zip


Oh and greetings too! :awesome

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Juli...Juni... Juri...there's a pattern here, isn't? XDD

Thanks for the Juni link!

Well believe it or not but there is a popular rumour which says that one of the many ways in which Capcom names it's female street fighters is by just taking "ju" and "i" and then they put a random letter in between based on which letter a blind-folded innocent man hits with a dart on a alphabet chart. Hence why there, as you said, seems to be a pattern between "Juni", "Juri" and "Juli".

Like I said it is a rumour so you can either believe it or assume I'm telling nonsense here. Either way, it is still funny, don't you think? XD

And no thanks for the link. I'm always happy to help when I can and knowing people have been helped by me, even if it's just a tiny bit, is enough of a reward for me. ;D

Fun Fact : Did you know that Juni's partner, Juli's real name was Julia before she got captured by Bison's Shadaloo Dolls and renamed after her "Doll Brain-Wash"?

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