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Onodera Ren from Crimson Alive Updated 10/04/2014

The Unexpected Visitor

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Keeping things consistent with Kugami Toru!



What's been changed:

-See readme under the first section


Future Plans:

-Open Paypal account for taking BMT down.
-Probably nothing






or you can just see this vid for some basic action of her. :J Courtesy of Xander. Keep in mind though, the vid is outdated.

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Hey I wanted to report a bug that has yet been fixed on her. Don't know if anyone brought this to your attention.

In team mode when she does her run up and attack special she freezes the game when she attacks two people at the same time that are very close together. Some characters I have, like Goeniko can attack two people at the same time if they are in the range of the super attack without glitching  or freezing the game. Was wondering if you could do the same for Ren.

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