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Sub Zero - (MvC) alpha tester by Sommbrero666 4/6/14

Lord Batros

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I'm doing this char SubZero , is now 100 % playable , but it is not the final version
Sprites I took a full game done in another engine (not in mugen ) . The name of the game is Ninja Annihilation Syndrome ( engine UFGE )
There are not many sprites , I 'm trying to make a good thing with what I have , but this will be a very simple char because I have my project care and can not stay focused on it 100 %
I will make a simple , but good char (I think ... I want ... )
The char:
as it is a WIP , this missing several things , one is the Required frames , I apologize for sending before doing so , I wanted to send after solving it but I forgot
the famous power to freeze the sub zero this very simple / basic , maybe a bit buggy ( does not work when it hits the enemy in the air ) , and I intend to improve , but not now because I'm out of time , so for now , he had been so basic
other powers me I did based on the powers of the game itself ( Ninja Syndrome) , such as Hyper he unleashes a Kamehameha ( wtf ? 's how the game ) and the other hyper I improvised , was not so good , maybe I should take
sounds are not many , I'll put more Wink
Note : Sub Zero from MK1 ( killed by Scorpion in the first tournament ) , probably the sprites were made starting from the MK1 , not the MK9
Hyper1 = QCF + 2 punchs
Hyper2 = QCB + 2 kicks
Helper Hydro = X + Y
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