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Another K' by NGeo Released


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from: http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/another-k-158522.0.html
What to expect from this ?
Changed gameplay
New moveset
XI Sparks
converted to mugen 1.0 and 1.1
2 sets of sprites ( one by Nao and one by Kalumon ) Screenshots :


-> Nao&M for sprites and coding
-> Special thanks to Kalumon for the custom sprites ( i dont have permission but i heard that only being credited is good )
-> PotS for his tutorials
-> VanS for his tutorials
-> Koopa for his tutorials
-> Genesis for testing
-> Stabbing for testing
-> Syn for some of his tricks ( really helped me out )
-> Elecbyte for their awesome engine.
Move set available in the archive.
Download at: http://clubsyn-x-treme.com/orochig3o/nests/

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OLOLOLOL.  Why post April Fool's jokes in news?  It just wastes time and space.


You know, I'm surprised that YouTube didn't roll out another stupid change.  They have done that on April 1st pretty much every year for the last uhh...6?  Sadly it was never a joke.

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