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[Bonus Stage] Tmnt:tf Bonus Stage (Character+Stage)


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For reals yo. This might not have been the hardest thing I ever accomplished, but it probably took all the talent I could muster. I had to hack the ROM to get the sounds, rip the music manually, and use the most convoluted manner imaginable to make the walls work properly. Not that you could tell, but the stage and sprites are technically high resolution. I scaled everything up to where it was correct in 640x480, then down sized it with CNS/DEF stuff to generate proper scaled sprites. The necessary scale of 169% would have looked really bad in 320x240. 640x480 was sufficient.

As far as accuracy goes, I don't know how accurate or inaccurate this can be. The little chunks of wood aren't quite exact, but I had to ghetto rig them as it is. The life of the character affects the walls, so you can lower it if they're too durable for you. Otherwise, it is what it is.

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