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New Search! Cathy Wild and More Mikas





Well, the things is today i read the author "cerenas" mades almost every character of Asuka 120% (he even made a custom game, i understand) But near of all his job is lost, or at least all his job in mugenhispania. So my question is; does anybody have his Cathy Wild and/OR another Cathy Wild avaliable for mugen?


For those who don't know who is Cathy Wild:

1) abff_cathy.gif 2) abfs_cathy.gif


Oh, and btw, if you known about any other Rainbow Mika aside of the ones from the following autors, please let me now :)


CVS2-ish "Warusaki3+David Bazban"
SFA3 "Zero-Sennin"
Custom "fido"
SFA3 "TAMAGO+Moneyspider_Todd"
Custom "Actarus+Moneyspider_Todd"
SFA3/SFA2 "TAMAGO+T.Vinceson"
MVC2-ish "Andre Lopes"
MVC2-ish "Andre Lopes+ShinNDubb"
Custom ".Batzarro./Alexziq"
Hentai/SFA3 "TAMAGO" (?)
Hentai/Custom "N"
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Wow Phantom, thanks! I started to think i would be with the same luck of my old search for Elecbato's SFIV Amanda XDDD


About Alan Carlos i started to realice this when the info about the autor was minimum... but well, the year in his nickname should give me a clue about it XD


Again, Thanks a lot :)


EDIT: Ehem, Phantom, do you remember how was the gameplay style of Alan Carlos' version? (CVS, SFA3, Custom...) is for the infobox i'm making with all the R.Mika info i've finding in this investigation :)



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