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[JJBA] More accurate Prosciutto


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Hi people, 4th release, this time it will be one of part 5 Squadra Di Esecuzione.


You can find his biography here : http://jojo.wikia.com/wiki/Prosciutto


Creator Amarimono did a great job with this char, the base model is : 


So when we search his first game apparition on ps2 in JJBA Golden Wind, he look like : 




As he make a bref cameo apparition in a stage hazard from JJBA ASB we can see colors are inchanged from his Golden Wind apparition so I tried to resprite his base model to match those colors, so now :


New big and little ports (included, use Zinesis screenpack for best results) : 




In game appearance : 




But as I wasnt entirely satisfied with just colors modification I added a "smoke effect" to match his ps2 battle (you can find it in game video on youtube easily).


So what have changed :


-Prosciutto and his stand colors entirely modified

-Necklace modified and his dark purple collar is more visible than before

-Smoke effect added, not gameplay change but cosmectic effect guarantee (not perfect when stand still cause my coder skills are poor and i still learn, but good enough)

-Smoke colors from animations are now gray/dark gray to match

-His "smoke super" do a little more damages

-The Olding Gauge is now just below the stand gauge and inside colors evolve from gray to darkest gray


Otherwise he play the same as before, a really though guy with a good management of the olding gauge. Can be powerful if OG filled.


The download link : http://dfiles.eu/files/n92c4fx97



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sorry for the necro post but every time i try to load this character in mugen it gives me an error saying its for an older mugen do you have a more recent version? if not, can you provide us with a more up to date version or a solution? thanks in advance, and thanks for these edits.

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