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[Final Fantasy VII] Aerith/Aeris edited and AI patched by LJH


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Well, third time's the charm, right? This time I present to you Aerith/Aeris (whatever name you prefer) by The Great Matsutsu edited and patched with an AI by LJH who has previously done the same for Nausicaa and Hikaru. She has everything the original version has safe a much harder AI. I'm not sure how many characters LJH is planning to edit and provide with an AI patch but we'll see. To be honest, I don't know what kind of edits he bestows upon these characters because all I notice is the AI patch.


Warning, expect massive spell and striker spam when fighting her (as if the video did not show that already) !


Other characters edited/fixed and patched with Artificial Intelligence by LJH :



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Great!!! Aeris with A.I!!! Now I can officially add her in my roster! Thanks man!


You know what funny is, after I done finish watching that Aeris vs Terry video, the Goku Naruto Costume from the upcoming DBZ Battle of Z games pop out as the next video to watch. Well, seem like a promotion since the games will be released in a few days more LOL


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