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Character stuck in the air?

Krypto 'SAM' saiyaN


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You're using type = S and / or physics = S in the attack.
[statedef XXX]
type = S
movetype = A
physics = S

Posted Image
And after your character leaves the ground, you're forgetting to change his physics while he's in the air:
Posted Image
Right when he leaves the ground you must change the type of his attack to A (aerial). By using the Statetypeset sctrl. Your code will look somewhat like this:
[state XXXXX, StateTypeSet]
type = StateTypeSet
trigger1 = animelemtime(4) >= 0 ; assuming that your char leaves the ground at the elem 4.
statetype = A
physics = N ; or A. Depending on how your attack is coded.

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That change was supposed to do on the character which have the attack that can freeze any character right? I already did and it didn' work. For some reason, Kung Fu Man was immune to this freeze stuff. When I use the character fight with Kung Fu Man, after do the special move, Kung Fu Man will fly to the right of the screen and then bounce back to the floor. That is supposed to be the way instead when do the special move to others character, the others will freeze up in the air.

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