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Nightmare Rock Howard (Released)

ShiniGami NoMeresu

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hmm interesting....hope he has a mean AI....



and damn....i was hoping that kyo in the sig was a release but it aint




ight im back...ehem,,,




My honest opinion on the character edit is i like it a lot. i like the concept. That intro with geese spirit in the intro reminded me of the same thing i did with my old demon terry bogard beta ages lol...But anyway yeah its not high octane way out there like i usually like my mugen characters edits but its cool enough to use in combat. only thing that bothers me a bit are two things


1) when he blocks in the air at times his animation is this

Posted Image



I found that to look pretty awkward. I didnt open him up in FF and all that cuz the creator can do that himself but my guess is IF its a code issue you should fix it if you can. if its a sprite frame thing then eh a lil simple franken spriting is all thats needed to make his air block look better. i usually do it for myself with gimp for my own characters if they dont have certain lil animations. but if you dont then eh whatever i aint trippin. its a lil thing nothing serious


2) the A.I. i love a beasty AI or very aggressive. This Rock can use that tune up.

i can see the potential but hes a bit weak in that area


Other than that its another Rock i have that i dont have to delete. I have only two and this is the second one. so all i need now is T pans  :=D:



Thanks for sharing man

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Really? If that is true, your already performed work looks quite promising. Are you making a Kyo from scratch or editing an already existing version?

Yeah Man..why i would i throw a fake statement ?

Not Scratch I Selected a kyo from KOF-Flame 1 Super [already] 1 SDM [is new one..already] 1 Neo-Max [already]

and this will be HSDM :D by me Looking forward for more after it or may be not Depends :bath:

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